Escape Game under the snow!


The escape game concept is pretty simple : It’s a game where you have to escape from a zone where you’re locked in with your crew (from 2 to 5 pers.)

You will be locked in an igloo and you will get only around 20 minutes to get out of it! Riddles, clue searching, puzzles, your concentration will be hardly tested to let you escape that horrible ice prison before the wampa comes back.

Yes, dear adventurers, you are members of the rebel forces! You are on a mission to save on of your X-Wing pilot who crashed near the igloo. this pilot possess very important plans for your victory! But you don’t have any news from him for hours and you have heard horrible beast screamings during his last message. Your friend has certainly been captured by a wampa, a big and dangerous snow creature. You will have to enjoy the wampa’s outing to get in his lair, find your friend and get back to your base before the monster comes back! 

Some advices to succeed :

  • One for all and all for one!
    • Your team is essential to succeed. Communicate to escape because you won’t be able to do this by your own!
  • Mind the watch!
    • You will get only 20 minutes to escape, each second, each choice will be realy importants to succeed!
  • Use the Force but also your brain!
    • You will have to be very careful to every details inside the igloo. Clues, keys, secret boxes, you have to be creative and focused to decrypt every message and then, to escape! 




Time : 25 minutes (5 minutes of brief + 20 minutes escaping)

Saturday december 09th : 11:00 AM – 07:00 PM

Sunday december 10th : 11:00 AM – 06:00 PM


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